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United Staff ‘Pay It Forward’ to Help Local Communities with More Than $12,600 in Assistance

ST. JOSEPH, Mich. – United Federal Credit Union (United) is pleased to donate more than $12,600 to 85 different individuals and community organizations across six states during its 11th annual Pay It Forward initiative. The Pay It Forward program provides $15 to every employee to give to a needy individual, family, or organization of their choice. Many times, departments and branches combine funds to create a more substantial donation.

The program began in 2008 with a request from employees that they use the money otherwise spent on internal holiday celebrations to help people in the community. In the first year, United raised $5,000.

United President/CEO Terry O’Rourke explains that the Pay It Forward program is part of the company’s culture and is highly anticipated and regarded by employees and the Members they serve.

“Our Pay It Forward program speaks to the heart of what United Federal Credit Union is all about,” said President/CEO Terry O’Rourke. “Even though Pay It Forward is focused around the holiday season, I’m proud that our employees find ways to give back to the community and be of service to others all year long. We want to show that generosity and simple acts of kindness can make a big difference in people’s lives.”

Employees in all United’s branches, corporate buildings, and support teams raised money to benefit local families and a variety of institutions that help local children, seniors, veterans, and animals or that aid in the fight against cancer and hunger. The teams also identified individuals and families dealing with homelessness, cancer and other life-altering challenges and helped those people through direct contributions.

At every conclusion of Pay It Forward, United gathers its entire staff to hear more about how each department utilized the charitable funds. In 2018, that meeting occurred on December 19. United delayed service at some branches to allow employees to share how their donations would help within their community.