business fees schedule

Effective June 1, 2021 (Subject to Change)

We like business without a lot of fees, so ours are among the lowest you’ll find. Plus, Public Fund Checking offers unlimited transactions and no monthly service charge.


Business Membership Savings Account

No monthly service charge with a minimum average daily balance of $300 or when you have other account relationships with United.

$3.00/month if none of the above criteria are met


Business Checking

No monthly service charge

200 free combined checks and debit transactions

$0.35 for each additional transaction

Business Growth Account

No monthly service charge with a $10,000 minimum average daily balance.

$25.00/month if balance falls below $10,000

1,000 free combined checks debit transactions

$0.35 for each additional debit transaction

Checking Services

Stop Payment (any type) $30.00
Check Copies - Staff Assisted $5.00
Returned Deposit Items $15.00
Non-Sufficient Funds Items (any type) $35.00
Courtesy Pay Fee $35.00
Overdraft Protection $10.00/transfer
Savings or Line of Credit Transfer Sweep Service $9.00/month

Debit and Credit Card Services

Replacement for Damaged or Lost Card

ATM Overdraft $35.00/transaction
Activity at non-United ATMs (Foreign institution surcharge may apply)

• > 5 Per Month


• ATM Balance Inquiry

Rush Card Order

• Domestic


• International

at cost
Visa Late Payment Fee (First occurrence) $29.00

• Subsequent Occurrences Within 6 Months


Visa Non-Sufficient Funds Payment Fee


Commercial Credit Card Annual Fee


Bill Pay

Expedited Payment - Electronic

Expedited Payment - Overnight Check $24.95
Year End CD disc $24.95
CD Disc Shipping & Handling $1.95

Convenience Service

Corporate Check (Foreign institution surcharge may apply)

Counter Checks (Minimum 4 checks) $0.75
Telephone Transfer $2.00
Account Closing (Within first 90 days) $25.00
Domestic Wire Transfer (3:30 PM EST deadline for same day posting) $25.00
International Wire Transfer $45.00

Treasury Management Services

Business Online Banking
• Small Business Package $10.00/month

• Payroll Items > 30

• Corporate Package $20.00/month

• ACH Credit and Debit Items > 30


• Per User Fee > 5

ACH Reversals (Both packages) $5.00/item
$50.00 max
Business Remote Deposit
Scanner Service (Each scanner) $30.00/month
Deposited Items $0.10/item
Mobile Deposit
Business Checking $1.00/deposit
Business Growth Checking $0.50/deposit

Other Services

Tax Levy/Garnishment $100.00
Research Services $25.00/hour
ACH or Other Returned Items $35.00
Returned Mail $10.00
Verification of Funds $25.00
United Originated ACH Transactions

• One-Time Transfer Fee

Collection Item $25.00
Escheatment Fee $50.00
Inactivity Fee $7.00
United Originated Emergency Payroll Request $150.00
Foreign Collection $40.00
Overnight Letter (UPS actual cost) $15.00 minimum
Subpoena Info Request $50.00/hour
Money Service Business $200.00/month
Check Images $15.00/month