About United

How it all started

United was founded in 1949 by people just like you who believed in the values of the community and who believed in service to one another. We’ve been serving Members ever since, growing into who we are today with the knowledge that strength in numbers brings opportunities and prosperity to all of us.

We’re dedicated to serving you.

Today our more than 194,000 Members enjoy the wide range of personal and business banking products we offer, at the best possible rates. We’ve partnered with 900+ employers to extend our offerings and benefits to their employees and affiliates.

As a credit union, we take pride in the advantages we can offer over traditional banks, like typically fewer fees and greater investments in local communities. And our dedication to service and community doesn’t stop at our branch doors—it extends into the schools, restaurants, and other small businesses in every community we serve and support. The Members who work at United are rooted in their communities—your communities—as neighbors, volunteers, and mentors.

Built for the future.

United’s headquarters are located in St. Joseph, Michigan, and has nearly 40 branches in Arkansas, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania with $4 billion in assets.

We’ve maintained a 5-star rating for the past 25 consecutive years from Bauer Financial, one the country’s premier financial ratings services. In 2013 we were named National Federal Credit Union of the Year by the National Association of Federal Credit Unions, and also awarded Michigan Credit Union League Outstanding Credit Union of the Year.

We are people helping people.

We take our commitment to both our Members and our communities to heart. That’s what makes a difference in how you experience our people, services and benefits. 

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