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Creating a Culture of Volunteerism

Getting to Know U: Kim Wilson and Nubia GuidoLeft to right: Nubia Guido, Member Service Advisor in Hendersonville, NC and Kim Wilson, Branch Manager in Van Buren, AR

Giving back to the community is a pillar of credit unions across the country. For United Federal Credit Union, we are committed to making a difference in the lives of our Members and in our communities. We wish to fulfill our inherent responsibility to every community we serve by encouraging all of Team United to take an active interest in community activities, projects, and organizations.

One way United encourages volunteerism among its employees is by offering 8 hours of Volunteer Time Off (VTO) every year to each full-time employee and 4 hours of VTO for each part-time employee. It is up to each employee to decide how they want to use their VTO. In 2021, Team United donated more than 800 hours of giving back through the program.

In North Carolina, Member Service Advisor, Nubia Guido, has worked for United since 2016 and makes it a priority every year to use her VTO. While in Arkansas, branch manager Kim Wilson spends time outside her branch finding organizations to support with her time, while encouraging her team to also give back.

Getting to Know U

Kim Wilson, Branch Manager, Van Buren, AR and
Nubia Guido, Member Service Advisor, Hendersonville, NC

Why is it important for you to volunteer within your community?

KW: I believe if I want a better community I need to know what is going on, and actively find ways I can help it become a better place to live and work.

NG: Thirty-one years ago, my parents, sister and I immigrated to the United States from Mexico without many of the resources available today. Since my parents did not know English and were mostly on survival mode, my older sister and I had to figure out how to get ahead academically and achieve the American Dream however we could. Though this was tough, not everyone has to go through these struggles alone. My passion to give back stems from my past and how my family struggled to get ahead.

I enjoy giving back to the community because this is home to all of us. When one person succeeds we all succeed. In our culture, family and community form our village. Coming to a new place, we lost that village, but every day I aspire to make our Hendersonville community a place where people find comfort, support, and resources so that they can achieve their own dreams.

How do you use your Volunteer Time Off (VTO) each year?

NG:I volunteer at True Ridge, a local non-profit organization that advocates for our underserved Latino community in Henderson County, North Carolina by providing:

  • Advocacy and aid to women in domestic violence situations
  • Educational mentoring for middle and high school students
  • Leadership and corporate mentoring workshops for adults
  • Helping underserved high school students with resources to scholarships, FAFSA application assistance, college fee waivers, etc.

My time volunteering is primarily spent on the board helping create fundraisers for True Ridge. I want to continue finding ways to help the organization grow and serve more people in our local community.

KW: This year I’m using my VTO to volunteer at CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates). We are having a Dutch Oven Lid Lifting Contest. The last two years, I have used my VTO to help at our local Ducks Unlimited Banquet. I also volunteer leading up to the events, by planning them as well as volunteering at the events.

What does it mean to you to work for a credit union which encourages volunteerism and which is involved heavily in supporting the community?

KW: I love it and support it, for several reasons. One is the very real, direct impacting volunteering can make in our communities. From supporting those in need, providing educational and supportive resources to children, keeping neighborhoods safe and inviting for families and businesses to grow, it is so important for companies like United to lead by example and offer employees the chance to give back.

Another highlight of volunteering in my community is having the chance to meet many people whom I now call friends.

NG: Credit unions are known for being community driven. It is important to me that United continues to support local organizations and business. We are people helping people, and in the midst of the unpredictable chaos of life, I strongly believe that United shines as a standard for all financial institutions.

I am very proud to work for an organization that not only supports my volunteer time, but also supports and serves the organization itself.

What advice would you give to people who want to volunteer, but are unsure how to get started?

KW: Get in contact with local non-profit organizations, and ask questions. If that one does not interest you, try another one. It is so rewarding to volunteer and I’d say there is a place for everyone.

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