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Use Your Credit Card Rewards Points on Summer Fun

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Like many people, you’re probably looking for fun things to do in the summer. And while that list might vary depending on your interests, it’s possible for anyone to be savvy with their summer expenses by using credit card rewards points to help offset some of the costs.

What are credit card rewards points?

Many banks and credit unions offer Visa® rewards on either credit or debit cards. Specifics about how to earn rewards points are different for each financial institution, but the basics are that you earn points for your swipe/sign or online purchases.

United Federal Credit Union, for example, offers Members both a rewards-based credit card (U Rewards) and a rewards-based checking account (Rewards Checking). The real benefit to these types of accounts is they allow you to trade in points for gift cards or vouchers to some national retailers.

What types of rewards are out there?

In a lot of ways, if you can think it up—there’s probably a good chance it’s offered as a perk on your rewards program.

Visa® rewards on Signature cards, like United’s U Rewards card, offer everything from luxury hotel discounts to golf and fine dining specials.

But it’s not just high-end rewards that can help you have fun this summer. Many programs also let you redeem points for gas cards, your favorite restaurants, and even to clothing stores—in case you want to update your wardrobe before heading out on your next adventure.

You might even consider a gift card to Best Buy or Amazon to get a new camera or drone to capture all of the memories you’ll make this summer.

When should I use my rewards points?

The best time to use your credit card rewards points or checking rewards points depends on a few factors: how much your points are worth, what you’re using them for (e.g. travel, merchandise, etc.), and where you might be heading to get fun in the sun.

Megan Elliott at has 10 great tips on understanding the best times (and places) to use rewards points for summer vacation. Pay attention to some of the detailed tips about air travel!

Using your credit card rewards points or debit card rewards points can be a great way to extend your summer fun, at a cheaper cost. Get familiar with how your rewards program works, and login to your account to determine if you’re ready to redeem your points for certain perks, or if you’d rather hold out for bigger rewards.

Is a rewards checking account right for you? Check out our Advice Hub article that gives tips on how to choose a checking account.

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