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Three Things We Won't Ask For

Three things we won’t ask for

Stay alert—don’t N.A.P. on scammers. Here’s an easy way to remember the types of account information you should never give away. If someone is asking for your full details in an email or over the phone, there’s a high likelihood that they are up to no good.

Three things we won’t ask for

  • Numbers: Fraudsters will typically ask for your full social security number, debit or credit card numbers (including the 3-digit verification code on the back), PIN, and other types of unique identifying numbers.
  • Access codes: Sometimes your bank or credit union will text, email, or call you with a secure code to verify that you have requested access to your account. This code is randomly generated and meant for your one-time use. If someone says they need this access code, end communication with them and report the issue.
  • Passwords: Never give your password to anyone, especially when it’s related to your bank account. Your bank or credit union will have other ways to verify your identity and assisting with your account without ever needing your password.

If you ever feel uncomfortable on a phone call or feel like someone might be trying to scam you, the best advice is to hang up or not respond to the email and contact the company yourself. That way, you know who you are communicating with from the beginning.