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Fraudulent Shipping Scams

Fraudulent Shipping Scams

The holiday season is usually about goodwill toward one another, but there are Grinches out there who like to use the holidays to help them steal information, data, and even money.

This month, be on the lookout for phishing emails that mimic shipping alerts from known brands like UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL. These messages often include familiar logos and language to fool recipients into thinking the emails are legitimate. In reality, they are designed to spread malicious software, steal money, and/or trick people into revealing their login passwords.

Please be aware that while attacks like these happen year round, they generally increase during the holiday shopping season.

Because phishing emails can closely resemble real notifications, it's important to remain vigilant and carefully check all shipping alerts before clicking a link or downloading an attachment.

Fraudulent Shipping Scams

Attackers who send fraudulent shipping notifications might try to:

• Fool you into downloading dangerous software

• Trick you into logging into a lookalike site in order to steal your password for the real site

• Steal your money or your organization's money

Experian has a detailed article about what to look out for regarding these types of scams. Want to know how to spot a scam? Your team at United is here to help! For more information, visit our Information Security website.