other fees schedule

Effective May 1, 2023 (Subject to Change)

We’re always looking for ways to make your money go further. We’re among the very best at keeping your fees to a minimum with low- or no-costs for most services.

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Visa Gift Cards

Visa Gift Card (Member) No fee
Visa Gift Card (non-Member) No fee

Safe Deposit Boxes
(size and availability may vary by branch)

3”x 5” $30.00/year
4”x 5” $35.00/year
5”x 5” $40.00/year
3”x 10” $45.00/year
5”x 10” $60.00/year
10”x 10” $90.00/year
10”x 11” $100.00/year
24”x 38” $360.00/year
Lock Drilling / Lost Key $200.00