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Earn more than a savings account while still having access to your funds.


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build your future and still have access to your money

Do you have a lot of savings and want to keep building it while still having access? Money Market accounts are known for allowing you the flexibility to access your funds while earning a little more than you might on a Savings account.

Bonus Builder Money Markets earn 0.15% APY with a minimum balance of $1,000. When you have a Rewards or Ultra Checking account, we’ll add 0.25% APY to your Money Market rate1, making it a total earning of 0.40% APY.

earn more

United calculates dividends daily and pay them monthly. This has your money growing even faster compared to our share certificates that are paid quarterly.

Signing up for a Rewards or Ultra checking account is rewarded with an APY increase of 0.25%.

be flexible

Funds in this account are completely liquid and can be accessed via checks, in branch, free online banking, and over the phone on our 24 hour banking phone system.

There is no minimum balance fee, however to make dividends, you will need at least $1,000 in the account.

remain secure

Have peace of mind knowing that overdraft protection is provided for share checking accounts and that your checking account transactions will be covered using funds from your Money Market.

There are fewer costs and risks in a Money Market account than when using a brokered account.

Deposits made are insured up to $250,000 by NCUA.

save easier

Being liquid is great and Money Markets are meant to be about saving. While you can still access your money at any time, you cannot access your Bonus Builder Money Market at an ATM and the account is not linked to your debit card. However, see our helpful tip below to help with this limitation and earn more!

Helpful Hint

helpful hint

Consider starting a Rewards or Ultra Checking account along with your Bonus Builder Money Market. You can easily transfer money from your Money Market to your Checking account -- which has ATM access and a debit card. Plus, you get an increase 0.25% on your Money Market APY. That’s a win-win!

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