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Don't Get Caught by the New IRA Rollover Rules

Dont Get Caught by the New IRA Rollover Rules

As of January 1, the IRS has changed its long-held interpretation of the 60-day IRA Rollover rule. For years, the IRS had taken the position that the rule that allows a 60-day, tax-free rollover every 12 months could be applied to each separate IRA. For 2015 and beyond, the IRS will now allow a taxpayer only one 60-day rollover per 12-month period, regardless of how many IRA’s you may have. According to Eric Freeman, the CFS Financial Advisor serving United Investment Planning in Fletcher and Statesville, NC, that doesn’t mean you can’t move the money, it just means the mechanics of how you move money from one IRA to another have become even more important to avoid unintended taxable distributions.

The issue, according to Freeman, is exactly who the check is made payable to. If the check is made payable to the account owner, it is considered a rollover and is subject to the new once-per-year interpretation. If however, the check is made payable to the new IRA custodian for the benefit of the account owner, it is considered a transfer and will not be limited by the “one-per-year” rule.

Fortunately, the CFS* Financial Advisors of United Investment Planning are well-versed on the mechanics of IRA Rollovers and Transfers. If you are considering moving any IRA or retirement money this year, please give them a call at (888) 982-1400 or stop by your local branch to arrange your complimentary consultation.
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