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Business Credit Card

Business Visa® credit card

Receive cash rewards with everyday business purchases. Find a Commercial Loan Officer in your area and ask about our new membership offers when you start today.

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reward yourself

See how a Business Visa® from United is best for you.

A Business Visa® credit card from United offers 2% cash rewards for each dollar spent with the option to combine your cash rewards with your personal account cash rewards. Now, that’s rewarding.

Business Visa®

  • Contact a local Commercial Loan Officer and ask about our new cardmember offers
  • 2% cash rewards1
  • $5,000 - $50,000 card limit
  • good for small to midsize businesses
  • eligible for businesses with Good credit standing
  • individual statement and billing

fee freedom2

  • no account fee
  • no ACH payment fee
  • no balance transfer fee3
  • no cash advance fee
  • no convenience fee
  • no foreign transaction fee
  • no over limit fee
  • no replacement fee
  • no retrieval request fee
  • no statement fee

real benefits4

  • Visa® Secure
  • Visa® Purchase Alerts
  • purchase security / extended protection
  • Roadside Dispatch®
  • auto rental collision damage waiver
  • travel emergency assistance services
  • emergency card / cash disbursement
  • 24/7 cardholder service
  • and more

flexible options

  • low minimum payments of 3% outstanding balance or $20, whichever is greater
  • use of nationwide ATMs
  • 25-day interest free grace period on your purchases
  • can be used worldwide wherever Visa is accepted

it needs saying again

No balance transfer fees.

A balance transfer is a type of credit card transaction in which debt is moved from one account to another. For example, moving the debt on a higher-interest credit card to a lower-interest credit card, which can save you money.

With a Business Visa® credit card, there is no balance transfer fee and 6-month introductory rate applies to balance transfers. Why is that important enough to state twice? Well, the benefits of consolidating debt include:

  • multiple payments become one convenient payment
  • eliminates higher interest rate debt, saving you money
  • reduces the risk of late payments
  • may improve your credit score

By moving those balances to United, you’ll only have to make one low monthly payment. Reducing your interest rate through consolidation allows you to pay more toward the principal balance each month.

If better terms and a lower rate sound good to you, call us at (888) 982-1400 or stop by a branch and we’ll help you get started.

Prepare for a balance transfer.

Be sure to have these on hand before you contact us:

  • copy of most recent credit card statement
  • name of payee/credit card
  • mailing address of payee
  • account or credit card number for payee
  • amount of payoff