Member Assistance Program

United Federal Credit Union offers Member’s Assistance Program services at no cost to Members.

This service is designed to help individuals work through existing debt problems and to prevent personal financial problems in the future.  This free service offers an alternative to credit counseling, which is not always free, and/or declaring personal bankruptcy. Our experienced counselors will work with Members who want help with their personal financial management. Under this program, we will help the Member to implement a workable budget.  When appropriate we may recommend special lending options to provide an alternative to bankruptcy.
Member’s Assistance Program can help determine the Member’s current financial position.  Our counselors will provide suggestions on how to improve the credit score, give tips on how to get out of debt, warn about the pitfalls of bankruptcy and more.  If you are experiencing financial challenges, we can help by providing guidance to help you get through your difficult situation.


Determine your Current Financial Position

Life’s challenges sometimes make it difficult to keep up with day-to-day finances.  By completing the budget analysis we can show you where you stand financially at the end of each month.  Providing this information will help to formulate a reasonable plan that will get you on the road to financial health.  To find out more about how to determine your current financial position and design a workable plan, call our Counselors at (888) 200-7834, ext. 5115.


Setting up a Budget

Do you ever wonder what happened to your money at the end of each month?  Setting up a budget will help you know how you are spending your money.  Establishing a budget is easy.  We’ll teach you how to keep track of your spending so you won’t have to wonder where it went.  We’ll also help you learn how to set aside a small portion of your income each month so you have a buffer to fall back on.  Lack of savings often forces people to accrue debt on credit cards with high interest rates to pay for unexpected events. To find out more about setting up a budget, call (888) 200-7834, ext. 5115


Budget Analysis

Prior to meeting with our Member’s Assistance staff, it is necessary for you to fill out a Budget Analysis and waiver statement. Once we have received the completed financial analysis with the signed waiver you will be contacted to schedule your appointment.
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Understanding your Credit Score

Our Counselors will help you understand the importance of having a good credit score.  Do you know how your credit score is determined?  Find out what actions can hurt and help your score, and what factors have no impact on your score.  To learn more about your credit score, call our Counselors at (888) 200-7834, ext. 5115.


At United Federal Credit Union, we understand that life’s ups and downs can make life difficult.  That’s why we take the time to reach out a helping hand to equip you to better navigate those rough spots.  We’ll do whatever we can to provide you with the tools and information to get back on track. We’ll get you there.