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What Makes UFCU Different?

When you join United Federal Credit Union, your membership benefits extend beyond basic products and services. UFCU is a progressive credit union that takes a proactive approach to helping Members achieve their financial goals.


Emerging trends

We are constantly keeping an eye on new banking trends and regulations so that we can develop products and solutions before a need arises. This innovative approach to a constantly changing economic climate allows UFCU to offer competitive prices and value by anticipating Member needs and ensuring a quick response.

Cutting-edge technology

United Federal Credit Union is proud to offer Members the latest user-friendly technology available in the financial industry. We stay ahead of the curve and prepare for changes in Members’ banking habits. Upgrades to Online and Mobile Banking services provide Members the convenience of managing their finances whenever and wherever they want. Other services like Apple Pay and Visa Checkout are also supported by UFCU.


Geographic diversity

Diversity has served UFCU well. In recent years, some financial institutions focused on one region, only to encounter great difficulty when the recession hit. In contrast, UFCU’s presence in six states allows the Credit Union to stay sustainable even if one of our regions experiences challenging times. But our size does not equal a one-size-fits-all approach to doing business. Decisions are made locally and in the context of the total value of the Credit Union – not driven by predesigned formulas.

United Federal Credit Union’s commitment to innovation, convenience and progression has made us a destination for those who want to take an active role in managing their money and learn how to become the Chief Financial Officer of their household.

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