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Members share their stories about why they are proud to bank with UFCU!


UFCU MEMBER – Chuck and Christie: Springdale, AR

I heard about UFCU from my employer. I had never been a member of any credit union so I was curious about the details. The representative for UFCU that came to our business to explain the “details” was Tia Shibley. I knew that if she was indicative of the type people UFCU has as the “face” of the business, then I would be proud to be a Member; and I will tell you that every person in the Springdale branch has lived up to that type of person.

You kind of feel like Norm in the show Cheers; you walk in and everyone knows your name. You’re not just an obscure account number even if you’re not a “big player,” you’re a Member. In the last 5 months I have refinanced a car, transferred the balance from a credit card to a UFCU Visa® card at less than half the interest rate that I had before, and reworked a home equity loan that I had with a bank. Last, but definitely not least, they made it easy to indulge myself and get something that every 56 year old kid just has to have…a motorcycle.

If your personal list of “what’s important” includes, great people, professional service with a smile, a hassle-free process, and very competitive rates, this is a place worth checking out!


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UFCU MEMBER – Jamie and Kellie: Fort Smith, AR

UFCU has been able to help us consolidate all of our medical bills related to cancer treatment and allow us to feel more financial freedom than ever before. I first heard about UFCU several years ago through an advertisement running about earning interest on a checking account.  I then went to a branch and we have been with UFCU ever since that time.

Everything at UFCU is made so easy. Every person we have ever dealt with seems to care about our needs and works hard to earn the business. We are proud to be United because we feel that they have our best interests in mind, and we love the people. They are behind us and help us along our journey called “life.”


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NOBLE PIE PARLOR – Trevor and Ryan: Reno, NV

United Federal Credit Union has been a key partner in financing business needs for us. Most recently, we were able to procure a $75,000 equipment loan working with UFCU and the Small Business Administration. This loan will help furnish our newest venture Noble Pie Parlor Midtown with almost 100% of all the equipment we need to get open.

We were actually referred to UFCU by someone at a large national bank, and hadn’t previously worked with a credit union for our financial needs, but since the big bank wouldn’t lend us anything except a high interest credit card, it was time to seek other partners. We had heard that UFCU enjoys backing small businesses in the Reno area, so it seemed like it would be a great chance to work together.

Any encounter we have had from tellers, to loan officers, to branch managers and regional managers has been very stress free. Everyone is very helpful and there is a bit more of a laid back approach, while still maintaining the utmost professionalism. The staff makes banking fun! Plus, it isn’t just about banking for UFCU; it is about building relationships in the community and helping to garner its growth.

We are proud to be United because of how they treat every customer like family and will do their best to help no matter what situation you may be in.


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At the end of September 2014, I had moved my personal and business accounts over to United Federal Credit Union and had been in constant conversations with the business manager and market vice president in Nevada about our upcoming boom in business—conversations I never had with my previous large bank. Because of these conversations, UFCU was able to assist me in analyzing my financial needs of projected payroll and materials for the upcoming year. By January 2015, Providence Electric had secured a line of credit with UFCU that allowed us to aggressively pursue two major projects and allow me to have the peace of mind of financial back up, if I needed it.

I tried to secure a line of credit with the large bank I was with for 17 years personally and 10 years corporately during the recession, only to be turned down when I needed it most. After the recession, when I had additional funds, I applied for another line of credit with the same big bank, only to be turned down again. That is when I knew I had to do something different if I wanted to grow my company.

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I hear from or talk to someone from UFCU almost weekly. I can text my branch manager when I have a question or request, and my business manager at UFCU is genuinely concerned about my company and its success.

During this process, I developed a slogan for other business owners in similar situations:
Don’t let the large banks control the growth of your small business or the growth of your family!

I am proud to be United because they are truthful and always follow through with what they say they are going to do. Providence Electric was able to have our largest year ever in 2015 because UFCU stuck by my side and fought to get my line of credit. Thank you UFCU!


United Federal Credit Union was there for me following a car accident and helped me with immediate financing for my fancy BMW X5 replacement vehicle.

The staff at UFCU has been wonderful since the beginning. The team is always available to assist me with my concerns. In fact, I am in the process of refinancing my home with United Federal Credit Union.

I am proud to be United because I appreciate local institutions who are willing to work with me. UFCU makes me feel happy and earns my business through respect and consideration. The customer service I receive from UFCU remains outstanding!

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UFCU MEMBER—Janice: Reno, NV

United Federal Credit Union treats me like a human being.  I am able to go in with numerous deposits, be helped, and be on my way within minutes.  While I was with a large national bank for over 25 years, it typically cost me 45 – 60 minutes on each visit to be helped.  They had only two tellers on shift without even having a merchant teller available on some days.  At UFCU, every employee knows my name and financial needs and they are always extremely cheerful and helpful.

Thanks to UFCU I have easy access to my personal account while also being able to make my regular business transactions. Plus, my local branch is across the street from one of my businesses, which makes it very convenient for me. My son-in-law even has his new business account with UFCU.

Unlike the large banks, United Federal Credit Union treats you like you are important to them. I find that big banks are only interested in making money, not interested in taking care of their customers.  However, I find that UFCU remembers that they are in business to be a service to you.


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UFCU MEMBER—Tom and Linda: Hendersonville, NC

United Federal Credit Union saved us! We had a bad experience with contractors and banks, and needed help ­ finishing our dream home. The team at UFCU were people we could trust, and they were able to cut our payments in half; we would have lost our home had it not been for United Federal Credit Union.


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PROSCAPE—Mark and Julie: Hendersonville, NC

Thanks to United Federal Credit Union, we were able to finance a loan and buy out a competitor’s company.

It has been comforting to work with UFCU has because we know that our questions will be answered in a prompt manner and the staff truly cares about us and our business.

We speak of highly of United Federal Credit Union throughout the community, especially if a friend or a company is in need of a loan. They are so willing to help others with their financial needs and are always giving back to our community.


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