Bill Pay FAQ

Can I cancel or edit a payment?

Click on the Transaction tab and then select Bill Payment. Under Pending Payments in the upper right, click Edit to edit your payment in a secondary screen. You may change the Pay From Account, Pay Date or Pay Amount. Click Cancel if you do not wish to process a payment.

Can I use bill pay to pay a UFCU loan or credit card?

Bill Pay cannot be used to make payments to any UFCU loan or credit card. To make a payment to a UFCU loan or credit card, please use the Funds Transfer option within Online Banking.

Can I pay my bills using multiple funding accounts?

Yes, you may select your funding account from the “Pay from” dropdown on the bill pay home page. If a different funding account is not selected your default account will be used. To change your default funding account click on the “accounts to use” link located under “Other tasks” on the Bill Pay home screen.

Can I set up bills to be paid automatically?

Yes. For regular payments of a fixed amount, you can establish an automatic payment rule. In addition, automatic payments of e-bills (for the full amount, the minimum due, or a fixed amount) can also be established with an automatic payment rule.

How do I know if a payment was processed?

Click on the Transaction tab and then select Bill Payment. You may review the last 5 processed payments in the upper right or click on View history/reports to view more.

When will the funds be taken out of my account?

Funds are withdrawn from your account on the payment DUE DATE.

How do I set up a payee?

Click on the Transaction tab and then select Bill Payment. Enter the name of the payee in the “Pay someone new” field. Click Add. Then provide the account and other information and click Continue.

What are e-bills?

An e-bill is a bill that you have set up to receive electronically in UFCU Bill Pay. E-bills are only available for payees that have account numbers (not personal payees). UFCU Bill Pay offers three types of e-bills:


  • Direct bill: An electronic bill that is transmitted directly from a biller to UFCU Bill Pay for presentment.
  • Smart bill: An electronic bill that is retrieved from a biller’s website that UFCU Bill Pay then presents electronically. These types of bills use your specific user ID and password for accessing the biller’s website.
  • Scanned bill: A paper bill that is received from a biller that our Bill Pay processor scans and presents electronically in UFCU Bill Pay. These will have the address of the Bill Pay processing center: Metavante Way, Sioux Falls, SD 57186.


The type of e-bill depends upon the payee’s capabilities and their relationship with our Bill Pay processor.

Why do I get the message “Your session has timed out” when I click on Pay Bills?

If you are receiving the session time out message when clicking on Pay Bills, your browser may be set to block or not accept cookies. Please click the link below and follow the instructions to allow cookies.


Accepting Cookies

Registering for Bill Pay

To register for our free Bill Pay service in Online Banking, follow these simple steps:


  1. Login to Online Banking
  2. Choose the Pay Bills option from the Transactions menu
  3. From the Bill Pay enrollment screen, select your UFCU checking account
  4. Read the Bill Pay disclosure, and then click “I agree and wish to enroll”
  5. Click the “Enroll” button


That’s all there is to it! Once you’re connected to Bill Pay, you can access online help to guide you through setting up payees and paying bills.